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Banner of the Stars

Image for anime mult Banner of the Stars

Year: 2000

Genre: kosmoopera, war, drama

Type: tv_series

Producer: Nagaoka Yasuchika

Autor: Morioka Hiroyuki

Studio: Sunrise

Time: 25 min

Description of Banner of the Stars

The second part of the epic confrontation kosmosagi of human empire Av with the other peoples of the galaxy turned the writer Morioka more collected and solid than the first. Everything that happens here is not split up into several components and connected together, so that attention is not wasted on minor episodes and scenes,and concentrated entirely on one large event, which is devoted to this second series. After finishing the first book on the generation stage of intergalactic war, Morioka thus left to themselves a golden opportunity to write a sequel, where everything is just to begin with this war. All and starts, but, more importantly,and all proceeds. The second episode - is, without exaggeration, a powerful military and space epic space opera with real kosmolёtami, interstellar battles and other sci-fi romance.

Images and photos of Banner of the Stars

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