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Bamboo Blade

Image for anime mult Bamboo Blade

Year: 2007

Genre: sport, seinen, comedy

Type: tv_series

Producer: Saito Hisashi

Autor: Totsuka Masahiro

Studio: Aic A S T A

Time: 24 min

Description of Bamboo Blade

The young and always hungry teacher Isis Toradze nicknamed Kojiro for part-time work is a school club of kendo. In college, he notably waving a bamboo sword, but now lazy, eventually left the club, almost all students, but a couple of inveterate hooligans and captain - fun krepyshki Quirino Chiba, quite indifferent to the "Sensei". It would have all lived,Kojiro but has managed to argue with an old friend on the school and the sport, his women`s team beat the team soon "senpai". Bet enviable - year of free dinners at the best sushi restaurant, but where to take command? Of course, there Quirino, but it is necessary as much as 5 participants! It does not matter, because it cost to walk in the evening at the Japanese school,as necessarily meet a fragile girl, a bamboo broom in no time dismissing two goals and another deputy director, has fallen from the fifth floor. But kawaii baby Tamaki - the successor of the family dojo, and looks at the kendo like to work at home, school club she does not need. How to lure the network genius, but uncommunicative Tamu-chan? What to do with the emerging club newcomers? Where to get the other girls? Oh, do not worry. Once it came to this - treachery Kojiro-sensei and his faithful Quirino knows no bounds!

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