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Image for anime mult Bakuon!!

Year: 2016

Genre: comedy, daily, school

Type: ova, tv_series

Producer: Nishimura Junji

Autor: Orimoto Mimana

Studio: Tms Entertainment

Time: 24 min

Description of Bakuon!!

Sakura Hana went to a new school and quickly realizedhow hard every day to pedal a low-power high, climbing the hill. During one of those grueling climbs she met Amano Onsu - the girl who literally obsessed with motorcycles and went to the same school just because school administrators loyal to the students who have iron horses - in addition,the school even have a motor club, which is headed by a mysterious Sempai, whose face was never seen. Causing her visit, Sakura swept with the wind and realized that the bike - just what she needed to be completely happy. True to ride a two-wheeled friend, and ride it to school, you must first get all the same rights. Yes,and what is " right ".. It was announced that the anime is created with the participation of companies Kawasaki, Suzuki, DUCATI, HONDA and the YAMAHA, and it will present models of motorcycles?.

Images and photos of Bakuon!!

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