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Bakumatsu no Spasibo

Image for anime mult Bakumatsu no Spasibo

Year: 1997

Genre: history, family

Type: special

Producer: Dezaki Satoshi

Autor: Nakakura Shigeo

Studio: Magic Bus

Time: 85 min

Description of Bakumatsu no Spasibo

For more than two hundred years, Japan has remained virtually closed country.In March 1854 an American squadron under the leadership of Commodore Matthew Perry, threatening the use of military force, forced the government to sign the bakufu Japan-US Treaty of Peace and Friendship, known as the " Convention of Kanagawa," which actually meant the end of isolation policy.Almost simultaneously with the US to establish relations with Japan and Russia sought. In addition to the conclusion of a treaty of friendship and commerce, the tsarist government was interested in the establishment of the state border between Russia and Japan. To solve these problems in Japan were sent an embassy headed by ViceAdmiral Yefim Vasilyevich Putiatin. Unlike the Americans, Russian operated exclusively by peaceful means and not threaten the use of force. Putiatina squadron arrived in Nagasaki in August 1853. However, the Japanese in every way delay the negotiations,and for the six months Putyatin only managed to achieve agreement in principle to the Japanese side for the opening of the future of its ports to trade, as well as get a document that guaranteed in the first place, allow Russia to this trade in the first place, and secondly, to give Russia all rights and privilegeswhich will be provided to other nations. The cartoon displayed in compressed form to sign the Treaty of Shimoda history.

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