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Image for anime mult Bakemonogatari

Year: 2009

Genre: vampires, ecchi, detective

Type: tv_series

Producer: Shinbo Akiyuki

Autor: Nishio Ishin

Studio: Shaft

Time: 25 min

Description of Bakemonogatari

It was once a graduate Koёmi Araragi to home school the stairs, thinking about her, and then, out of nowhere, on top of a beautiful girl falls for him.Since it was a long flight, you had to know a classmate Koёmi Hitagi Sendzёgahara, life reclusive and silent. Substituting hands napruzhinilsya guy he is thinking that he imprinted on the floor, but it was not difficult Hitagi... school textbook. And soon Koёmi realized that keeping quiet Hitagi not from natural modesty, but becausethat the nature of hurt steep and sharp, and yet she is able to very quickly get out of the air sharps from the arsenal of school stationery. But our hero was not born yesterday. When he learned that the girl made fun of the fact whether God, or demon, Araragi, in turn, confessed that recently a vampire was to play tricks, but bailed whether a holy man,whether old hippies and call him Meme aspen. In short, he persuaded the girl that will not be worse, and can help her, and led her to the hermit on a visit to the abandoned construction site. After all, heroes such work - to help girls in trouble! And they, the girls at the school are so many...

Images and photos of Bakemonogatari

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cosplay anime Bakemonogatari funny pictures and other fun
cosplay anime Bakemonogatari funny pictures and other fun
Wallpaper Bakemonogatari, anime girl pictures on your desktop
Wallpaper Bakemonogatari, anime,girl pictures on your desktop
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