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Baby Love

Image for anime mult Baby Love

Year: 1997

Genre: shoujo, comedy, romance

Type: ova, short

Producer: Kudo Susumu

Autor: Shiina Ayumi

Studio: Studio Comet

Time: 30 min

Description of Baby Love

Sir - elementary school student, in love with Shu-chan. From early childhood, she always followed him around, she even confessed to him that she wanted to marry him, but Shu-chan told her that she was still a child, and she needs to grow up first. Four years later, Sarah grew up and now lives in Shu-chan`s family, as her parents had gone to America.And now she is trying again to admit Shu-chan in love, but notes that it is not interested in him. Or it only seems that way?

Images and photos of Baby Love

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