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Azusa Will Help!

Image for anime mult Azusa Will Help!

Year: 2004

Genre: fiction, sport, shounen

Type: special

Producer: Kamegaki Hajime

Autor: Kawabe Yuuko

Studio: Tms Entertainment

Time: 45 min

Description of Azusa Will Help!

The beginning of summer 2099, the year. The use of robots everywhere became normal. They worked as a salesman, help around the house, playing baseball...Play baseball?! The so-called " sports robots " can be incorporated into the team on a par with the players. The only condition - the team, the opponent must also have at least one robot. of high school baseball club fans after losing Karugamo lost the strongest player.They left a total of 8, and the dissolution of the threat they have to find a new (as it happens) - the robot. Just think, it would be just an old model of a robot - maid... The script of the anime was voted the best in the Animax Taishou script contest, held annually by the Japanese network Animax satellite television from 2002.Under the terms of the competition, on the basis of the winning script best anime studios Japan created an animated TV speshl, aired on Animax network. Opinion Seya: Anime wonderful - light, good, good, unobtrusive humor and funny characters. It says a lot, but with his usual simplicity. Affectation old and dusty,here it is only a plus. Separately want to mention a beautiful voice by Azusa seiyuu Noto Mamiko (she voiced infernal girl from the anime series of the same name).

Images and photos of Azusa Will Help!

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