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Attack on Titan

Image for anime mult Attack on Titan

Year: 2013

Genre: horrors, war, psychology

Type: tv_series

Producer: Araki Tetsurou

Autor: Isayama Hajime

Studio: Production I G|wit Studio

Time: 24 min

Description of Attack on Titan

Instead of progress, humanity was thrown back the appearance of the giant race. Huge humanoids had neither speech nor the mind, but it devoured men as chips and conventional weapons level of the XIX century were powerless.The remains of the human race could survive only for cyclopean walls that girded triple ring last field, towns and villages. The calm lasted a hundred years, during which time people have calmed down, the army has been reduced, and the city guard turned into parasites. Combat capability retained only Razvedkorpus - but who needs a suicide,that are constantly risking their lives behind the walls when you can sit behind a stone fence? Alas, all good things end. Horrific Colossus crushed outer wall "Maria" and the giants destroyed one of the cities. Eren `s mother died young, his father was gone, and the man, bubbling with vengeance, with the receptionist sister Mikasa joined the Corps,whose elite fighters can win giants alone. Master the rope system of winches and gas boosters difficult, but only this technique helps to make crazy jumps and hit the monsters in the back of the head - the only vulnerable spot. Learning should be quickly, because there is a war,and the enemy is becoming more aggressive - like the mountains of mindless flesh is someone alien to the mind. Or... not so strange? Ehren and his friends among the fights and battles have to open a lot of frightening secrets!

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