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At The Mercy of The Sky

Image for anime mult At The Mercy of The Sky

Year: 2009

Genre: school, daily, romance

Type: tv_series

Producer: Takamatsu Shinji

Autor: Kashiwabara Mami

Studio: Studio Comet

Time: 23 min

Description of At The Mercy of The Sky

Saku Oyagi family moved often, and in high school he entered the small town where he lived seven years ago.Although during the wanderings Saku rose high and respectable guy inside he was a scribe and a homebody and remembers with horror Mihos, a year older girlfriend childhood, having lived in this city and mercilessly pulled him where wish - in the woods, in the fields, in mountains, away from favorite books. They ran out of their fun girl fall from the tree,what next - Saku and remember yourself banned. So who would doubt that man will meet Mihos Akeno on the first day of the new school year, when it directly from the roof of the school has announced a set of astronomy club? No matter how trying to hide from Saku " sempai " - did not work, so long resisted the guy and went to the club,where in addition to the two of them there is a friend Mihos, calm and sensible Saё Yaray and poor health, President Takeyasu Roma. For a discussion of club girls are often cases in class Saku, triggering heightened interest to it the local female population. Particularly close to the heart of it adopted the " Princess of the first year," Hime Makita,also knowing Oyagi earlier and which had their own thoughts on the matter. And if you add that Saku -kun and impregnable head of the school board Fumie Kotodzuki found a common love of literature - it is clear that we must increasingly look to the night sky!

Images and photos of At The Mercy of The Sky

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