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Asura Cryin` 2

Image for anime mult Asura Cryin` 2

Year: 2009

Genre: science_fiction, mechanism, tragedy

Type: tv_series

Producer: Kusakawa Keizou

Autor: Mikumo Gakuto

Studio: Seven Arcs

Time: 24 min

Description of Asura Cryin` 2

As a result of a dangerous experiment (hello Hadron Collider!) One of the possible Earth has been destroyed by the imposition on his double.Overlay caused strange effects - in the world of the show no one is surprised that the demons live among the people, and the holders of the cost of human victims are at the disposal of the fur-invincible fighter Asura. That`s just life in this world remains less than two years. Truth is known by many groups and organizations, which is the center of the fight school Raku,guarding the ruins of the First Earth. Fate decreed that the game involved senior Tomoharu Natsume, finally choose a faction of the Dark, but has earned the respect and the Light, and Grey, and demons, and other members of the Big Game. Natsume The goal is simple - to save his world and release from captivity terrible Misao, a childhood friend and, as it turned out, a favorite.Experience has shown that many players hold individual puzzles keys, but the whole solution is known only Naotaka - mysterious brother of the protagonist, the current only from behind the scenes. But time is short, and that`s Naotaka seems to have decided to leave the privacy and join in the game, directing the steps Tomoharu and his friends.What will come - will show the new season!

Images and photos of Asura Cryin` 2

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