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Asura Cryin`

Image for anime mult Asura Cryin`

Year: 2009

Genre: school, romance, mysticism

Type: tv_series

Producer: Kusakawa Keizou

Autor: Mikumo Gakuto

Studio: Seven Arcs

Time: 24 min

Description of Asura Cryin`

Entering high school, Tomoharu Natsume decided to enjoy the "spring of life" away from their parents. And why not - do not go to a hostel, not in attic closet, and an empty house older brother (well be a wealthy man!). By-Natsume another and could not - in fact next to it The spirit of childhood friend, Misao, who died tragically three years ago. Over the years, Tomo-kun acquired habit is constantly talking to her out loud, it is unlikely to adequately perceive the close neighbors. But the guy is so deeply learned changeable female nature,that in the new school quickly gained a reputation as a womanizer and philanderer. Life Spring ended when mysterious stranger brought Natsume white trunk, allegedly on behalf of his brother. The same night, another stranger in a suit Miko almost shook from the soul of the poor guy in search of the suitcase, which was called "Asura". Well at least, Misao was saved. Of course,morning, Tomo-kun met two girls in their school. Not having time to properly digest the situation, the man came home, and there, in addition to the new acquaintances to it broke some other religious fanatics and a crowd of yakuza. Dodging the bullets fireball and other unfriendly actions,Tomohara yet opened the damn suitcase - and here finally realized that "the world is absolutely not what it seems!"

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Asura Cryin # 39 Anime wallpapers Anime wallp
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Asura Cryin # 39 Anime wallpapers Anime wallpa
Asura Cryin # 39 Anime wallpapers Anime wallpa
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