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Astro Fighter Sunred

Image for anime mult Astro Fighter Sunred

Year: 2008

Genre: comedy, parody, seinen

Type: tv_series

Producer: Kishi Seiji

Autor: Kubota Makoto

Studio: Aic A S T A

Time: 13 min

Description of Astro Fighter Sunred

Chief superhero Sanred except fighting monsters can not do anything, and does not want to do.So he sits on the contents of her friend and reluctant to appear on the arrows with the local villains. In general, very lazy Onizuka in the mask. The rest of the superheroes are shown too far from noble knights " without fear and without reproach." On the other hand, the monsters are showing very valuable and productive members of society.The only differences between them from the average Japanese is slightly unusual appearance, and the desire to conquer the world, but especially humane and pacifist methods that do not disturb the environment and citizens` peace. The head of department of General Vamp Kavasakskoe very sensitive, older hardware villain who by the way has its show cooking.Confrontation with Sanredom he is, that the general constantly gets it in the neck from the superhero, he goes to visit him, help him around the house and a respectable standard host and a gentleman for his girlfriend. As you can see from all the above written style parody show,but perhaps it will be more interesting for the audience to exchange second decade due to the large number of household sketches. Although the scene with a teddy terror detachment suitable for any age group.

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