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Assemble Insert

Image for anime mult Assemble Insert

Year: 1989

Genre: mechanism, action, police

Type: ova

Producer: Tomobuki Ami

Autor: Yuuki Masami

Studio: Sunrise

Time: 30 min

Description of Assemble Insert

Tokyo terrorized by gangsters in a fur - suits: rob banks, arrange the accident, frighten civilians and in a penny do not put the police. To fight with a gang of " Devil`s Spawn " created a special department (admittedly,merged to low-value employees - just a chance that they will be able to resist the bandits - fur, it is not, so that in vain to spend budget money?!). With drunken have a special department was born a special idea: it is necessary to organize the audition future super- heroes! After all, the city is spread stupid cops,who unsuccessfully trying to catch a gang of fur - voters enraged. And when the same will make the pop star - who sings, dances and dressed up in a sexy costume! - Citizens will be happier.. Thus began a professional career thirteen Namikadze Maron, the first in the history of the heroine - idol!.

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Anime Insert the assembly (OVA) (Assemble Insert) 1989 O
Anime Insert the assembly (OVA) (Assemble Insert) 1989 O
Anime Insert the assembly (OVA) (Assemble Insert) 1989 O
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