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Armitage III: Poly-Matrix

Image for anime mult Armitage III: Poly-Matrix

Year: 1996

Genre: detective, seinen, fiction

Type: tv_series

Producer: Ochi Hiroyuki

Autor: Rokuda Noboru

Studio: Aic

Time: 90 min

Description of Armitage III: Poly-Matrix

The action takes place in the future, when humanity has successfully mastered Mars, setting it developed urban society, a great help in the creation of which had Bioroidy so-called 2nd generation, living among the people a normal life. However, the economic downturn led to a sharp deterioration of relations with the people of the "second "accused in the current unemployment and other ills. Increasingly angry mob lynched neighbors Bioroidy. It was in this heavy atmosphere in the Martian police transferred from the Earth Silibas Detective Ross, who survived the tragedy of his own - his partner - lover was killed Bioroidy. It is not difficult to understand his attitude towards " second "although the type of combustible Bioroidy Silibasu clearly not alone. During Ross`s arrival at the spaceport comes the brutal murder of the famous singer, which, as it turned out, belonged to an illegal type Bioroidy 3rd generation, outwardly almost indistinguishable from humans and capable of reproduction. A vicious killer, with the third list,destroys accidents (all the " others " women), cynically passing shot on the TV tape. Ticklish matter entrusted to Ross and his new co-worker, blue-eyed sexy Naomi Armitage hooliganism, which immediately attracted terse Earthman. As it turns out, Armitage has a special interest in this investigation...

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