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Armitage III: Dual Matrix

Image for anime mult Armitage III: Dual Matrix

Year: 2002

Genre: cyberpunk, seinen, fiction

Type: amv

Producer: Akiyama Katsuhito

Autor: Takachiho Haruka

Studio: Aic

Time: 90 min

Description of Armitage III: Dual Matrix

Naomi Armitage and Ross Silibus hid under assumed names on Mars and quietly grown daughter Yoko. However, the quiet family life comes to an end when one of the earthly enterprises for the production of antimatter comes Riot robots. Armitage learns that the uprising - only a pretext for concealing information about the development of new robots " of the third type."Naomi is sent to Earth to calculate the organizers bleak undertaking, and meets on its way the most powerful enemy of all that she had ever come across - own copy.

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