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Image for anime mult Arion

Year: 1986

Genre: seinen, history, action

Type: ona, short

Producer: Yasuhiko Yoshikazu

Autor: Yasuhiko Yoshikazu

Studio: Sunrise

Time: 120 min

Description of Arion

"It happened in those days, when gods and humans lived together. The sons of the great Cronus fought with his father and, having won, divided all his possessions.Zeus got the earthly world and overhead, Poseidon - the seas and oceans, and the unlucky Hades - only the darkest bowels of Hades. " The history of the exploits of the hero Arion - all about his childhood, youth, love and victory. A very free adaptation of the Greek myth of Cronus and Zeus, Athena and Prometheus.

Images and photos of Arion

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