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Area 88 OVA

Image for anime mult Area 88 OVA

Year: 1985

Genre: action, war, romance

Type: ova

Producer: Toriumi Hisayuki

Autor: Shintani Kaoru

Studio: Studio Pierrot

Time: 60 min

Description of Area 88 OVA

In life Kazama everything was just perfect - a good job, great career prospects and,Of course, love. And all this he lost due to human betrayal, which is considered a lifetime friend. Now the tire instead of piloting civil aircraft had to manage a fighter and engage in mortal combat with the same pilots it over red-hot sands Asra. But,being sent in the thick of the war against their will, Shin did not leave hopes to regain his former life and freedom... (c) Aion666,

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Anime Area 88 OVA (Area
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OVA Area 88 Area 88 OVA OVA V
OVA Area 88 Area 88 OVA OVA V
OVA Area 88 Area 88 OVA OVA V
OVA Area 88 Area 88 OVA OVA V
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