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Area 88

Image for anime mult Area 88

Year: 2004

Genre: shounen, drama, action

Type: tv_series

Producer: Imakake Isamu

Autor: Shintani Kaoru

Studio: Group Tac

Time: 25 min

Description of Area 88

The plot is the story of a young pilot bus Kazama, who, as a result of betrayal best friend, gets on the air base for mercenaries called "Area 88 ".Shin is caught up in armed conflict breaking out on the territory of the country, where the unfolding events of the film. Every day, the main character has to deprive people of life, and only memories of the beloved does not allow it to become a soulless killing machine. However, in orderto meet again with my girlfriend Sheena must pay 1.5 million. dollars, or go through the hellish flames of war three years in length. During the film the protagonist is not just wonders why he continues to kill again and again: Is this a way to survive, or in it, like most of the mercenaries who are in " Area 88 "conceived a passion for murder.

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