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Aquarion Evol

Image for anime mult Aquarion Evol

Year: 2012

Genre: mechanism, postapokalipsis, fiction

Type: tv_series

Producer: Yamamoto Yuusuke

Autor: Kawamori Shouji

Studio: Satelight|bit

Time: 25 min

Description of Aquarion Evol

After 12,000 years of fierce fighting with the Genesis of Aquarion, which have become legendary... People live in fear of the kidnappers, who descend from another dimension. Meet and unification between the guys and girls are not allowed. However, the fateful meeting between a lonely boy and girl Amata Micon everything changes. Now love is forbidden,Legends of the new association is ready to be activated! The story of the second season will take place in twelve thousand years after the events of the first season in a city modeled after Hong Kong. New characters will pilot the new robots and fight with the kidnappers since they are the reincarnation of Apollo, Silvia, and other characters.

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