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Appleseed OVA

Image for anime mult Appleseed OVA

Year: 1988

Genre: adventures, fiction, seinen

Type: ova

Producer: Katayama Kazuyoshi

Autor: Shirou Masamune

Studio: Gainax

Time: 70 min

Description of Appleseed OVA

In 2131 humanity agonized after a series of devastating world wars. An oasis in a world of chaos and death became a super-city of Olympus,who managed with the help of a powerful army to defend against enemies and to ensure the economic prosperity of the citizens. This was achieved by creating a new race of cloned humans, called bioroidami. This is not just a clone, and improved people with selected genes and controlled emotions.Bioroidy accounted for 80% of the population due to the high Olympus and intelligence control most key positions in the city. This creates a growing discontent of people, there are underground groups of fanatical terrorists who are ready to sacrifice their lives for the ideals of freedom of mankind. Professional soldiers Dunant Nuts and her partner Bariarius,at one time fought on the fronts of the surrounding Olympus bloody chaos, were brought into the city on the project and the selection of the human material became excellent police officers, faithfully serving in the elite special squad ESWAT, located on the front edge of the fight against the enemies of the regime. On the one hand, they are grateful for the rescue system of anarchy,appreciate the lasting peace and well-fed well-being of the city. But on the other hand - feel the arrogance and distrust-Bioroidy heads, somewhere in my heart agreeing with the underground that Olympus - a golden cage. When one of their comrades ESWAT passes to the opposition, and above Olympus hangs in mortal danger,Dunant and Bariarius must decide with whom they - a cynical power-thrifty Bioroidy or terrorists prepared to put all and all for the sake of the bright ideals...

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