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Image for anime mult Another

Year: 2012

Genre: detective, school, horrors

Type: tv_series

Producer: Mizushima Tsutomu

Autor: Ayatsuji Yukito

Studio: P A Works

Time: 24 min

Description of Another

Fifteen Koichi Sakakibara - not a bully, not a sportsman and not a handsome man. His mother died early, his father disappeared in expeditions,without parental supervision guy got lung disease and began to wither in a polluted Tokyo. The yield was found a simple and proven - moving to his mother in a rural town relatives Ёmiyama. In remote places like simple, not for nothing enlightened Aunt Reiko nephew that a new school can not be put out, to break away from the collective, in short, you have to be like everyone else.Shy and quiet Koichi another and did not want to, but even so quickly felt that the situation in his ninth "B" class of strange, oppressive and unhealthy... A quarter of a century ago in the same school in the same class studied Misaki, bright and gifted child. She died, and the details are still shrouded in mystery. But why-after the tragedy classmates said that Misaki is not dead, but is still close to them, even the director took her place at the graduation ceremony. Only students of North School (that is, the whole city) know why since the 9th "B" every year the last place left row is empty, and what you need to do to finish this class alive. But Koiti-the stranger and did not know, and everything somehow believe that he holds the key to the mystery! And they still think if the capital took the first guest and openly spoke with a quiet girl with an eye patch named Mei Misaki...!

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