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Anne of Green Gables

Image for anime mult Anne of Green Gables

Year: 1979

Genre: history, drama, shoujo

Type: tv_series

Producer: Takahata Isao

Autor: Lucy Maud Montgomery

Studio: Nippon Animation

Time: 25 min

Description of Anne of Green Gables

Check the map: where the Gulf of St. Lawrence reminds wide bowl, salt water going into the mainland, is Prince Edward Island. Sedate and orderly world of farmers and birch groves,Canadian maple and snowy winter, the cradle of the first American settlers. In such places there is a time in a special way, sometimes slowing down so that it is difficult to say whether the year has passed since the arrival of Anna in the Green Gables or ten years. Matthew Cuthbert - the local farmer, eccentric old man with a gray beard and obsessive fear to the entire female sex.The only woman to whom he is not shy and do not wipe the huge pyaternёy perspiring forehead, is his sister Marilla. Together they lead a quiet farm in the Green Mezzanine. Matthew is working on the farm, and Marilla is busy around the house. And so it would have passed countless winters and summers, while Matthew does not make up one`s mind to take the education of an orphan boy.He was on the farm - help, and sister at least some comfort in the evenings. Marilla did not argue with his brother and, on reflection, agrees. One day Matthew Spring, dressed in his best suit, riding a five-hour meeting of Shartlottauna, many puzzling nosy neighbors. And imagine the horror and confusion of Matthew,when empty station instead of a boy of eleven he saw a red-haired girl with old-fashioned valise. But she such immediate eggs and sweet fantazёrka that old heart trembled, and Matthew could not say here and now that this is some confusion and error... So the farmer lucky girl to Green Gables,and now to be surprised Marilla. Based on the classic novel by Lucy Maud Montgomery "Anne of Green Gables».

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