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Angel Tales

Image for anime mult Angel Tales

Year: 2001

Genre: macho_shoujo, romance, comedy

Type: tv_series

Producer: Ochi Kazuhiro

Autor: Mutsuki Juuzou

Studio: Tokyo Kids

Time: 22 min

Description of Angel Tales

According to the unwritten law of the anime, any self-respecting man in the period of adolescence is to stay unlucky mattress, to live separately from their parents and are in constant search of work, ensuring the survival of the first two conditions.Only then he can safely claim the right to be called " real man " and to sell his story of growing up for another standard youth comedy anime. Such as " Stories of Angels." At the main character of the series, Goro Mutsumi, has all the above features I: 1. It is absolutely unfortunate mattress,on which you can easily determine the weather for the day. I came out of the house without an umbrella - rain is 100 %. If throughout the streets laid asphalt is perfect and only a small crack spoil its perfect smoothness, then guess whose shoes definitely hooked for it? 2. He lives alone.This cruel fate befalls every young man, as soon as he gets his hands on a certificate. If not for the first point, the Goro long ago would have done, as is customary in Putney protagonists in the University of Tokyo and would have lived in a hostel, surrounded by pretty classmates. 3. He is unemployed. Cause? See the first and second paragraph.What is necessary in the anime man tortured fitter Japanese for most tomatoes? Correctly. All the best on his poor head, knocking him in the most difficult period of life. Good anime almost always have a kawaii image of busty successfully added to the story, not only comedy component,but also is building in the square of unhappiness on the fragile shoulders of the protagonist. It turns out, dead pets to some mysterious mountain and no less mysterious reason reborn in charming establishment female. It is believed that they are very lucky if their " bailiff " guardian angels to the former owner.At Goro Mutsumi for all its short-lived life lost (completely by chance and not his fault! ^ _ ^) So fowl that it is time to scribble slander Greenpeace. This means that the angels around him will be more than enough.

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