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Angel Cop

Image for anime mult Angel Cop

Year: 1989

Genre: police, thriller, seinen

Type: ova

Producer: Itano Ichiro

Autor: Aikawa Shou

Studio: Nippon Animation

Time: 30 min

Description of Angel Cop

In the near future, terrorism in Japan has become commonplace, and the police almost as brutal as the criminals. One police, known by the nickname the angel - the best of the best, do not stop at nothing in their battle for justice. The plot takes place when the Angel and her new partner begin to investigate a series of murders,in which the victims are other criminals who killed very unpleasant ways. Those who prey on them - a group of psychics who have united to bring representatives of the very bottom of the underworld to justice. After several clashes between police and psychics, two of them begin to think,that maybe they are not so nice guys, but the third prefers killing of morality. Reinforced mysterious cybernetics it opens a great hunt, and the first on his list is Angel. With the help of two other psychics and her new kiborgizirovannogo (after an accident) partner Angel is going to find the perpetrator and the organization,behind it.

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