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Ange Vierge

Image for anime mult Ange Vierge

Year: 2016

Genre: school, shounen, fantasy

Type: tv_series, ongoing

Producer: Tamura Masafumi

Autor: Yatate Hajime

Studio: Silver Link

Time: 24 min

Description of Ange Vierge

Story card game Ange Vierge,released two brands: Fujimi Shobo and Media Factory. The world in which open portals " Jairo ", linking together several worlds. The result was a girl with supernatural powers - Exideuil. Especially for them, an isolated island "Progress" Academy was built in the Pacific Ocean.

Images and photos of Ange Vierge

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Ange Vierge! Summer 2016 PV   YouTube_8
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Ange Vierge Animated Promo   YouTube_21
Ange Vierge Anime#39s Silver Link Studio, 2016 Debut, Visuals ..._6
Ange Vierge Anime Adaptation Airs This July   Visual, Cast, Staff ..._7
Ange Vierge Anime Adaptation Announced   Otaku Tale_23
Ange Vierge Linkage  Manga   Pictures   MyAnimeList.net_14
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Ange Vierge OP   LOVE is MY RAIL [MP3]   FUNIMEBEAST_26
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Ange Vierge TV Anime by Silver Link Announced for July 2016 ..._16
Ange Vierge TV Anime by Silver Link Announced for July 2016 ..._24
Ange Vierge   Zerochan Anime Image Board_18
Anime “ Ange Vierge ” announced additional cast members!_20
Anime「Ange Vierge」PV   YouTube_1
Anime「Ange Vierge」PV   YouTube_25
Anime Spotlight   Ange Vierge   Anime News Network_3
anime tracks Ange Vierge and new voice for distribution ..._30
Crunchyroll   Ange Vierge Anime Adaptation Announced_9
Crunchyroll   Ange Vierge TV Anime Debuts in July of 2016_5
L#39anime Ange Vierge, en Promotion Vidéo_13
L#39anime Ange Vierge, en Promotion Vidéo_22
Sega#39s ANGE VIERGE TV Anime Announces July Premiere Date_27
SEGA announces new Ange Vierge Anime  SEGA Nerds_4
TV ANIME Ange Vierge [BGM Takatsugu Wakabayashi]  Anidrama_29
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