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Android Ana Maico 2010

Image for anime mult Android Ana Maico 2010

Year: 1998

Genre: seinen, fiction, comedy

Type: tv_series

Producer: Masunari Kouji

Autor: Shimizu Toshimitsu

Studio: Group Tac

Time: 15 min

Description of Android Ana Maico 2010

A wonderful anime! In some ways, this is the Japanese version on " Radio Day ", but the emphasis is not on the joke,but rather on the radio shock moments of everyday life. Throughout the 24 episodes 10minutnyh sure nobody can get bored. Many thanks to the authors, they were able to " reach out" to our hearts) It is sometimes naive, sometimes cynical, sometimes romantic, but more dramatic - all in the sum is the life of bright people who love their work,ready to sacrifice themselves for the sake of it. And you do not notice how you begin to genuinely empathize with the heroes.) It is sustained and psycho- logical reactions of characters to events. It is also worth noting that the presence of the android is only part of the story soon, but not the cornerstone. It`s great. Otherwise, the topic has exhausted itself in the series 3-5oy,and so get a great story with a logical ending and living heroes. I would like to also note musical accompaniment and fiery opening theme. Just remember the phrase: " all genius - just " Highly recommend to anyone who can find it, cheer up, you will not regret the time spent. Yes, it`s not a masterpiece, but does not mean the idea,and the implementation of a very high standard. old-style graphics, but very nice.

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