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Ancient Book of Ys

Image for anime mult Ancient Book of Ys

Year: 1989

Genre: adventures, shounen, drama

Type: ova

Producer: Kamiya Jun

Autor: Aoyama Goushou

Studio: Tokyo Kids

Time: 25 min

Description of Ancient Book of Ys

Fentezyushnaya ovashki chic retro style with real panache. Yes, here you will not see Made soulless computer 3-D monsters and casting, because laziness artists, large areas of a single color without halftones, fine details. And what is music... umm... one has only to listen to the back-Music epic battle at the beginning of the first series - you fall in love with OST. The plot of this 7- epizodnoy saga revolves around a dying by appearing from nowhere hordes of monsters Isa country (also known as Esther). The red-haired lad - Adolat Christian will have to fulfill the prophecy and save everyone at first glance everything is quite usual for the epic 80,but trumpeted this dish... so many seemingly standard plot moves, beating very, very talented. Together with the superb soundtrack (ala Ninja Riukendin, nostalgic NES owners) all this mix does not allow us to break away from the screen. YS first game franchise by Nihon Falcom.

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