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Amazing Nuts!

Image for anime mult Amazing Nuts!

Year: 2006

Genre: adventures, police, fiction

Type: ova

Producer: Nakayama Daisuke

Autor: Watashiya Kaworu

Studio: Studio C

Time: 10 min

Description of Amazing Nuts!

4 completely different clip: - Global Astroliner Number - Glass Eye - Kung-Fu Love - Joe and Marilyn This clip is not amateur work,here worked professionals from the studio 4C. In contrast to the AMV- clipmakers creators themselves have painted all the sources, as well as the music used in the compositions of famous Japanese artists. The video itself is composed of 4 parts, each of which is independent.In all of these 4 parts used in a variety of styles of depiction and / or 3D modeling. For instance, Kung-Fu Love panache very similar to the used in the anime series The Count of Monte Cristo, in the Global Astroliner - a bit like Dead Leaves, it is made in the style of American comics, Joe and Marilyn - is generally a completely 3D -generated video.At Studio 4 & deg; C out quite amusing kortkometrazhki, and these were no exception: from 4 stories at least one but will like and enjoy.

Images and photos of Amazing Nuts!

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