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Amagi Brilliant Park

Image for anime mult Amagi Brilliant Park

Year: 2014

Genre: comedy, shounen, anthropomorphism

Type: tv_series

Producer: Takemoto Yasuhiro

Autor: Gatou Shouji

Studio: Animation Do|kyoto Animation

Time: 24 min

Description of Amagi Brilliant Park

It is believed that a lot of amusement parks on earth actually built the residents of the magical country. Once residents of Maple country one of these parks was built - " AMAG ".Workers collected park visitor emotions and turn them magic crystals, which are used as energy. But now, in a large park desolation. From its fountains no longer fly spray of water, showcases and shelves in the shops were empty, idle amusement, and control can not be found in his office.Park " AMAG " has ceased to be popular among the visitors. Yes, even in the appendage to everything there is a legend that the pair converge in the park " AMAG " certainly breaks, that in no way adds to its popularity. And then the city authorities have contributed, by deciding,if in the park for two weeks does not reach as many as one hundred thousand visitors, it was razed to the ground, and in this place will stand a golf course. However, employees of the fairyland is not eager to " green lawn " was built on the site of the park... So, one day, in the first year of high school in the classroom,where our hero learns Seiya Kanie, appears newcomer - Isuzu Sento. Without becoming postpone the case indefinitely, Isuzu invites him on a "date " is in the same park. Seiya course agreed, because his face was set over the gun he gave an answer to such a " Romantic Getaway "smashing to smithereens all his self-centered dreams for Isuzu. And now, instead of romantic dates with charming Isuzu kid will have to dig problems worldly-wise " provincial park ".

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