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Alien 9

Image for anime mult Alien 9

Year: 2001

Genre: fiction, horrors, drama

Type: ova

Producer: Fujimoto Jirou

Autor: Tomizawa Hitoshi

Studio: J C Staff

Time: 25 min

Description of Alien 9

The creators of the four-part OVA Alien 9 did not go in a simple way, they do not try to scare the viewer`s individual frames,mimicking buffoonery " Panic Room ", but show the horror heroine is so amazingly well that the audience begins to perceive it as your own. The charming atmosphere of progressive horror, a nightmare come true, that can not endure, that will not go away, because it is part of everyday life.Yet Otani Yuri tries to endure, remain the same each other. What Kumi takes creaking heart, overcoming himself, and Kasumi - even with interest and pleasure, Urey denies shutting in yourself alone with his pain. And its a sin to blame, because what is happening - it`s really creepy. Alien 9 very unusual anime to,who can not live without standard moves, cool characters and fanservisa it better not to watch. But fans of NF serious, emotionally saturated, extraordinary works highly recommend an unforgettable experience.

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