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Image for anime mult Aldnoah.Zero

Year: 2014

Genre: war, action, seinen

Type: tv_series

Producer: Aoki Ei

Autor: Urobuchi Gen

Studio: Troyca|a Pictures Inc

Time: 24 min

Description of Aldnoah.Zero

In 1972, astronauts on the moon found Gipervrata - an ancient portal to Mars. People began to colonize the Red Planet, and soon the colonists discovered a Forerunner technology called Aldnoa. Expanding her secret and getting into the hands of a terrible weapon, Dr. Ver Reyvers declared himself emperor of Mars (renamed version) and the leader of a new race,that will replace the rotten humanity. In 1999, the first interplanetary war broke out, during which Gipervrata exploded, destroying part of the moon, and cutting off the Martian army way home. The Imperials were the new asteroid belt, and the Terrans 15 years to heal the wounds of the disaster, titled The Fall of Heaven.New war, did not want either side... That`s why simple guys ins, Kam, Inco and their friends out of town Sinavara gladly accepted the message that they are the same age, Martian Princess Asseylam, arrives on Earth Goodwill Ambassador. granddaughter of the emperor was to live in the homeland of their ancestors as an ordinary earthly woman, and then convince a formidable grandfather,that people want peace. Alas, " interpraktika " Princess was not cloudless, and her new friends had promptly saddled true combat robots. Inflames second crossworld war, but versianskie traitors and rebels in vain intrigues, hoping for a super technologies - to protect from the usual Japanese schoolchildren even the Baptist did not invent!

Images and photos of Aldnoah.Zero

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