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Image for anime mult Akikan!

Year: 2009

Genre: seinen, romance, fantasy

Type: tv_series

Producer: Himaki Yuji

Autor: Ranjo Riku

Studio: Brains Base

Time: 24 min

Description of Akikan!

Unhappy schoolboy Japanese Daichi Kakeru 16 years did not know the girl`s love,compensating for this imaginative and collecting rare cans of juice. So when the bank with melon lemonade turned in his hands into a beautiful girl let not surprised, thinking that he was in a cherished dream, which, as we know, creates what He wills! Only a few painful sobering convinced the hero -the reality is brighter than any fantasy. How do know when did not have time to recover, but you have to breaks lustful gay, it seems official of the Japanese Ministry of Economy, and bring to the attention that you participate in the global marketing project? In short, there is a wonderful soda cans. Once inside, they turn into cute girlswhose name Akikan (literally - empty cans). Who drank - the boss. Its mission - to maintain Akikane juice level by topping, and a girl - the level of carbon dioxide through exhalation "mouth-to-mouth." All Akikany divided into two factions - Steel and aluminum in a deadly battle in which "there will be only one" must decide,cans which material should be the future of the industrial standard. And yet in the series will be funny lesbian and resolute secretary, childhood friends and cat lovers, magic battle and lolicon... How much can already be churning out a parody of a parody?

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