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Akame ga Kill!

Image for anime mult Akame ga Kill!

Year: 2014

Genre: war, action, tragedy

Type: tv_series

Producer: Kobayashi Tomoki

Autor: Takahiro|tashiro Tetsuya

Studio: White Fox

Time: 24 min

Description of Akame ga Kill!

The protagonist - a rural lad Tatsumi, who is sent to the imperial capital for fame and money, in order to save taxes crushed his village from extinction. However, in its place waiting for cruel disappointment in hero`s army did not accept the money, even those that were stolen (well as stolen... he gave, on stupidity).And he would have had to spend the night on the street, if he had not picked up rich girl, the guy offered shelter and work. But the next evening at the hospitable house visited by a detachment of assassins whose purpose is the whole family benefactress Tatsumi. The hero stands up to protect them, but it was then, and it turns out that the capital is not so, as it seems at first glance...

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