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Ajin OVA

Image for anime mult Ajin OVA

Year: 2016

Genre: horrors, mysticism, seinen

Type: ova, ongoing

Producer: Ando Hiroaki

Autor: Sakurai Gamon

Studio: Polygon Pictures

Time: 30 min

Description of Ajin OVA

Bonus exclusive limited edition of the eighth and ninth volumes of the manga. OVA 1 - adaptation of Speshl "It Nakamura Xinyi" tells about the first poluchelovek. OVA 2 - a story in two parts of the everyday life of the characters. The first part - "Kei, Kou,Tosaki, Shimomura in Kakurega no Ryokan "(Kay Co., Tohsaka, Shimomura in the traditional restaurant), the second - Satou and Tanaka in Himitsu no Ajito" (Sato and Tanaka in a secret hideout).

Images and photos of Ajin OVA

Ajin#1789070   Zerochan_16
Ajin#1869013   Zerochan_19
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Ajin Nakamura Shinya Jiken (OVA)   Lost in Anime_8
Ajin Nakamura Shinya Jiken – OVA 1_14
??Ajin OVA demihumans OVA ?? OVA OVA Video_5
Ajin Vignette Collection IBM Sato Ver.   My Anime Shelf_28
Ajin Vignette Collection Kei Nagai, IBM Nagai ver.   My Anime Shelf_24
Ajin Vignette Collection Sato   My Anime Shelf_9
Ajin Vignette Collection Sato   My Anime Shelf_22
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Crunchyroll   VIDEO  Ajin OVA Preview Posted As Preorder ..._3
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Satou (Ajin)#1841945   Zerochan_25
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demi Anime OVA (Ajin O
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