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A.D. Police Files

Image for anime mult A.D. Police Files

Year: 1990

Genre: seinen, police, action

Type: ova

Producer: Ikegami Takamasa|nishimori Akira

Autor: Suzuki Toshimichi

Studio: Aic

Time: 24 min

Description of A.D. Police Files

2027 Year in MegaTokyo, six years before,How to Build a Knaytsabersy. Boomers (artificial humans) are still new, and their integration into the human community is still experiencing a number of problems, often fatal. Whenever an incident occurs with a boomer, uses advanced police - a special unit prepared for just such situations. Leon MakNikol-new to the AD Police, and is just beginning to feel the daily horrors and tragedies MegaTokyo. He and his more experienced team-mate, Gina Marceau, slowly grasp the subtle gryan that separates man from machine.

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