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Abnormal Physiology Seminar

Image for anime mult Abnormal Physiology Seminar

Year: 2011

Genre: seinen, ecchi, comedy

Type: tv_series

Producer: Kato Takao

Autor: Tagro

Studio: Xebec

Time: 13 min

Description of Abnormal Physiology Seminar

As is known, the Western university system implies the presence in the curriculum of compulsory subjects 10-15 %, and the rest - for student choice depending on the desired specialty. Often the subject is chosen because of the charisma of the teacher, convenient schedules, or simply " for the company." But what, I wonder,guided by a freshman Nanako Matsutaka, choosing a seminar professor Mesii - graduate psycho satisfying their unhealthy interests at public expense? Log in to his workshop is open only true perverts, and this high rank should be confirmed not by words but by deeds: experiments on himself,reports and laboratory work! In principle, everything is clear Matsutakoy - naive girl wanted to give us something to stand out and get closer to the adored undergraduate Komugi Musashi. That`s just poor Nanako acquainted with "colleagues", later realized who to contact. If, for example, concerned about the photographer or hentai manga least understood,the quirks favorite or clever, beautiful Midzukosi generally difficult to describe censorship language. But in for a penny, in for a pound! Gradually, the newcomer being developed, rejects the stereotypes and tearing patterns becomes a normal student. Gaudeamus! Ah, the good student life!

Images and photos of Abnormal Physiology Seminar

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