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A Cheeky Angel

Image for anime mult A Cheeky Angel

Year: 2002

Genre: romance, gender_affair, school

Type: tv_series

Producer: Okuwaki Masaharu

Autor: Nishimori Hiroyuki

Studio: Tms Entertainment

Time: 24 min

Description of A Cheeky Angel

The main character Megumi bully and varmint rare, any fight will not miss, of good conduct and speech can not be. One day, walking lessons with her best (and only) friend, Megumi notices a strange man,dressed like a magician and nothing better to do decides to check on him his fighting skills. Here are just three of his children have already outstripped. But can Megumi allow someone to pick him fair game? No! And then, as he saw it first! That first save this strange old man in a raincoat, and later "thanks" to require it.The only "gratitude" to the main character was very strange - just an old book. But shabby cover dropped from a drop of blood of wounded cheek. And there was a magic harlequin, albeit tiny, but he promised to honestly fulfill one wish. And what is put forth Megumi - he wanted to become the most courageous and strong man in the world.That`s only in the end he became a girl... And now it is all correct?

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