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11 eyes

Image for anime mult 11 eyes

Year: 2009

Genre: romance, action, seinen

Type: tv_series

Producer: Shimoda Masami

Autor: Sakisaka Io

Studio: Doga Kobo

Time: 25 min

Description of 11 eyes

Satsuki Kakeru grew up in an orphanage. When his older sister committed suicide, 10 -year-old boy also lost the will to live, and escaped only thanks to the help and support of another orphan, Yuki. Seven years have passed. Yuka is happy in a foster family Minase, Kakeru lives alone, but studying in the same class with childhood friend. However, the protagonist of children`s injuries and bandages on his right eye remained gloomy and unsociable man and, except Yuki,fluent in the classroom except that a couple of people - local comedian Tadashi and his girlfriend Kaori strict. That with them Satsuki and Minase and gathered for sale at the local supermarket. But do not come down. For a few agonizing moments, the world was colored crimson, and frozen black moon in the sky. City Ayamegaoka remained, and people disappeared.Thus began the familiar characters from the world of Red Nochi.V this world, born of nightmares, ball is ruled by the six Black Knights, who do not like uninvited guests. Home win - the only way to solve riddles and to get answers, but it`s worth it. And the unknown with Kakeru and Yuka leave a few characters,who for six - 11 eyes. Only it is not. In the world of the Red Night in general it is not so! But who is to blame and what to do, we learn by watching the show!

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