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009 Re:Cyborg

Image for anime mult 009 Re:Cyborg

Year: 2012

Genre: action, shounen, drama

Type: tv_series

Producer: Kamiyama Kenji

Autor: Ishinomori Shotaro

Studio: Production I G|sanzigen

Time: 103 min

Description of 009 Re:Cyborg

Modern history goda.V 2013 London, Moscow, Berlin, New York at the same time, there were several explosions; big skyscrapers they collapsed one after drugim.Neozhidannaya terrorist attack plunged the world into paniku.V past,when the world once already in crisis, there were nine cyborgs, soldiers who saved him from gibeli.Doktor Gilmore, who is their creator, trying to reassemble his team, whose members by that time are each in their rodine.Kto is behind all these attacks? With whom will he fight this time? They revisit the memory,has been erased, after the recent events.. And once that happens, the squad Zero Zero regenerated cyborgs begin the battle against global evil... (c) Ghost_of_Wind,

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